17 Latin Soups You Should Make This Winter

When Winter hits and you finally feel that slight chill in the air that makes you feel good about bidding farewell to the warm months — isn’t it weird how it tends to happen overnight? — there’s often nothing more comforting for lunch or dinner than a big bowl of steamy soup. From traditional Mexican pozole to a more tropical Honduran sopa de caracol, we’ve rounded up a variety of Latin soups to whip up for the next few months. Try them out, dig in, and drink up.

1. Dominican Sancocho
Get the recipe: Dominican sancocho

2. Vegetable and Plantain Moqueca
Get the recipe:
vegetable and plantain moqueca

3. Moqueca Baiana
Get the recipe: moqueca baiana

4. Brazilian Minestrone
Get the recipe:
Brazilian minestrone

5. Sopa Cremosa de Abóbora
Get the recipe: sopa cremosa de abóbora

6. Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken Pozole
Get the recipe: crockpot salsa verde chicken pozole

7. Vegetarian Red Pozole
Get the recipe:
vegetarian red pozole

8. Matzo Ball Pozole
Get the recipe: matzo ball pozole

9. Chupe de Camarones
Get the recipe: chupe de camarones

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