Ground Breaks for Hispanic Christian Church in Cedar City, Utah

A ground breaking for a new Christian church, specifically for the Hispanic community, took place last Wednesday at the church site at 1700 W. 250 North in Cedar City.

El-Shaddai God Almighty Church Pastor Hector Donis from St. George has found land to expand his ministry, which he currently has in St. George, to Cedar City with the coming of a new church to have an anticipated finish by the end of 2017.

“My vision is to help everybody to know Christ, worship the Lord and build the church, not only Hispanic community, but everybody,” Donis said.

Donis’ language is Spanish, which makes it easier for him to preach to a Hispanic congregation, but he said he hopes to get a translator and minister to people of other languages.

“I want to get equipment for a TV and have a social force to help around the world,” Donis said. “We can use technology to reach others around the world.”

With a Hispanic community of about 5,000 to 10,000 in Cedar City, he said he hopes for many to come join his congregation.

Rich Bontadelli, friend of Donis, has assisted in getting the church process going. He said the congregation in St. George meets three times per week and it will do so when the church is complete in Cedar City. There will be commuting to Cedar City for some of the congregation to participate.

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