Biopic About Isabel Pantoja in the Works

A Mexican company is producing the authorized biopic of Isabel Pantoja, the Spanish icon who, with her characteristic style, made a dramatic comeback after serving prison time for money laundering from 2014-2016. Currently in the casting stage, the miniseries about the life of Pantoja is to be shot in Spain.

The Pantoja biopic will be one of a series of telefilms about Latin celebrities produced by BFT Media, who produced previous telefilms under a production and distribution deal with Disney Latin America, according to an announcement about the Pantoja biopic from Universal Music Spain, the singer’s label; others have brought the lives of Mexican singer Juan Gabriel (“Hasta Que Te Conoci”) and boxer Julio Cesar Chavez to the small screen. BFT also co-produced the dramatic recreation of Jenni Rivera’s last days, “Su Nombre Era Dolores, La Jenni Que Yo Conocí,” which aired on Univision.

Pantoja will have a say in casting and other aspects of the creative process of the new biopic, BFT Media CEO Francisco Cordero told Spain’s El Mundo newspaper. BFT is producing the bioseries in partnership with Spain’s Garage Films.

The 60-year-old performer has been a household name in Spain and, by extension, Latin America since the 1970s. Pantoja has sold some six million albums and released over 30 recordings. A native of Triana, a Seville neighborhood that breeds flamenco artists, Pantoja first danced in a flamenco show at age seven, and started singing professionally while still in her teens. Her notoriety increased with her 1983 marriage to Francisco Rivera “Paquirri,” a star bullfighter. When Paquirri was killed in the ring in 1984, the raven-haired singer became known as “the widow of Spain.”

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