Lionel Messi to Receive Lifetime Contract to Finish His Career at Barcelona

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi hasn’t signed a new deal with his contract up this summer, but it looks like it is coming. According to Mundo Deportivo, Messi will be offered a “lifetime contract” by the club, keeping him there until he retires.

At a meeting to approve the club’s budget, CEO Oscar Grau said that Messi had agreed to a four-year deal as previously known but he will be offered “a contract for life.”

It’s similar to the deal Andres Iniesta just signed for the Spanish giants, and those words should allow fans to rest easy. Anytime a player’s contract is set to expire, there are plenty of nerves as to whether or not a deal will actually get done. This is far from confirmation but it’s a development that has to make Barca fans happy.


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