Ricardo Sanchez Says New Album Taste + See is a Reflection of Heaven’s Diversity and Acceptance of God’s Children

Grammy-nominated artist Ricardo Sanchez will release his new album, Taste + See on Friday, and the Mexican born singer says the diverse collection of tunes is a reflection of Heaven’s diverse love and acceptance of all of God’s children.

Taste + See is Sanchez’s first project in nearly two years, and will be released through Difference Media, a division of John Hagee Ministries, founded by the popular evangelical pastor. The album was recorded live during a taping attended by The Christian Post at San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church.

The album features 10 eclectic selections that showcase Sanchez’s signature Latin and Caribbean grooves, in addition to his jazz and funk influences. The Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter wrote and co-penned and produced the entire album with Louie Higuera.

Sanchez is best known for writing some of the most influential songs in modern worship, including “Power of the Cross,” “I Call Your Name,” “Great God,” “The Power of One” and “It’s Not Over (When God Is In It),” recorded by Israel & New Breed. He’s also a renowned mentor and teacher on worship, offering popular Windows 2 Worship seminars.

The following is an edited transcript of Sanchez’s interview with CP in which he discusses the heart behind Taste + See, the role of Christians in America, and the heart of God concerning racism and hate.

CP: Taste + See is your first album in two years, we’d love to know your heart behind it?

Sanchez: If you include some of my Independent projects, this is my eighth full-length album. You definitely see an evolution of lyrics, music and relationship with God through my various projects. When my label challenged me to do a live worship record again, I was quickened to the idea of a more “soulful approach” musically. I not only want listeners to hear the message of Jesus and be encouraged in their faith, I also wanted them to have a good time while listening to the music. I hope everyone enjoys it.

CP: We love that you are the writer behind some of the biggest songs in modern Christian music. How do you go from doing Tejano music to contemporary music?

Sanchez: Thank you. I’m flattered to even be considered in that category. My honest answer is that I never set out to achieve that specific goal. I’m a pretty straightforward cat. I write and produce what is on my heart — whatever I’m going through and whatever God is taking me through, and I’ve been blessed to have people record, produce and buy our music. I’m a Christian man who happens to be Latino, not a Latino who happens to be a Christian. Truth be told, I’ve just tried to be faithful to what God has placed before me. I’ve simply planted and watered and God’s the one who has brought the increase (I Corinthians 3:7).

CP: You have a heart for worship and want to see others get to that place of true worship. What advice do you have for believers who are distracted with the political climate and DACA?

Sanchez: I’ve heard it said that worship is a lifestyle. When it comes right down to it, music has very little to do with worship. If we are supposed to be more like God, and God never changes, then we are the ones who need to change. Sometimes reading the Bible and believing the Bible are two different things. Galatians 2:20 tells us we are dead to ourselves (our flesh) and Proverbs 3:5-6 says we must TRUST in God. Between those two truths alone, we have nothing to fear and we can put all of our concerns into the hands of our Savior because He has everything under control.

CP: How do you keep yourself from getting caught up in the cares of this life? What would you say is the role of believers in this day and age?

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