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Hispanic Christian Leader Rev. Gabriel Salguero Warns Latinos Are Becoming More Secularized the Longer They Live in the United States

Prominent Latino evangelical leader the Rev. Gabriel Salguero told a gathering of Christian college administrators this week that they are facing a “Daniel and Esther” moment as Latino millennials, overall, are becoming less religious the more they assimilate to American Read More

LISTEN: After Praying at Trump’s Inauguration, Pastor and NHCLC Leader Samuel Rodriguez Discusses How He Talks to His Congregation About His Split With President Over Immigration Views

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, prayed at the inauguration. Now, NPR’s Michel Martin asks how he talks to his church about Trump’s immigration views.

The Rise of the Latino ‘Nones’ in America

Most major news outlets are still missing one of the most significant developments in religion among US Latinos/Latinas, who are otherwise known as Hispanics.