Mexican Bishops Launch New ‘the Migrant Is a Gift’ Social Media Campaign

Central American migrants in Mexico. (Credit: Peter Haden via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).)

Mexican bishops have criticized President Donald Trump’s immigration policy and launched a new social media campaign #elmigranteesundo (the migrant is a gift) “to protect the dignity of migrants not just with economic resources, but also with time and actions Mexicans can take within their different spheres.”

Mexican bishops are not happy with President Donald Trump’s immigration policy, and their new social media campaign #elmigranteesundo wants to prove that migrants are not an enemy but a gift.

Bishop Alfonso Miranda Guardiola, auxiliary bishop of Monterrey, called on Mexicans “to protect the dignity of migrants not just with economic resources, but also with time and actions they can take within their different spheres.”

The bishop warned that Trump’s immigration policy, especially its deportations, will cause families and communities to be separated.

Miranda also indicated that the Church in Mexico “is seeking to strengthen relations with the U.S. bishops in order to mutually support one another.

“Mexico is a transit country, a temporary or permanent place for migrants coming from other countries, but it is also a place of return which takes in our compatriots who have be repatriated; we’re not going to get into a fight, but we do have to defend the dignity of our people,” he stated.

During a March 1 press conference, the prelate  highlighted the 70 migrant centers in Mexico that provide temporary lodging and assistance to people seeking to pass through the country.

“Economically, the migrant centers are supported with donations from the communities where they are located, but the disposition to build peace and the common good among us is the best way to strengthen our unity,” he added.

Miranda estimated that in the coming days there will be a greater number of migrants and so the way forward “must be that of peace, justice and solidarity to intelligently and creatively solve the great challenges that are going to be presented.”

The permanent council of the Mexican bishops’ conference encouraged the faithful to take advantage of “this time of grace in Lent to be sensitized to the difficult situation we are going through.”

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