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Brazil Looks to Crack Down on Fake News Ahead of Critical Presidential Election

Worried that Brazilians will soon be flooded with fake news ahead of a critical presidential election, the country is setting out to crack down on organized efforts to intentionally mislead voters.

Female Journalists in Latin America Take on Male-Dominated Media Culture

Traveling around Latin America to show journalists how to hone their digital skills, Mariana Santos quickly realized more women were filling column inches and producing content, but the region’s newsrooms were still overwhelmingly led by men.

How Local Latin American Filmmakers Are Taking on Hollywood

Studio releases still dominate, but from a Chilean Oscar contender (‘A Fantastic Woman’) to a blockbuster Colombian comedy (‘El Coco 2’), local filmmakers are fighting back.

Why Latin America Should Increase Its Renewable Energy Efforts

One of the sunniest places on earth, Chile’s Atacama Desert, has the highest solar irradiance in the world — and the potential to generate enough electricity to power all of South America. But the desert, which covers over 100,000 square kilometers (about 38,000 Read More