Waze’s Carpool Targets Latin America, More U.S. Cities for Expansion

Waze’s Carpool ridesharing features might be coming to a city near you relatively soon. The Google-owned crowdsourced navigation app piloted carpooling features first in its home country of Israel, and then in San Francisco and the Bay Area – and now it’s looking to spread it further, including in additional U.S. cities, and in Latin American markets.

That’s according to Waze boss Noam Bardin, who laid out the company’s plans in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. The expansion would significantly speed up the pace of Waze’s carpool ambitions, which have thus far progressed only very slowly, with careful attention paid to gradual rollout in limited markets, slowly adding on new areas and employer and transit partners encouraging use of the service.

Waze Carpool is quite different from offerings including uberPOOL, in that the Google-owned offering doesn’t seek to be a meaningful revenue-generating opportunity for the drivers who participate. Riders pay a small fee for joining a driver’s commute, but this is designed mainly to help drivers split the cost of gas, and potentially cover a bit of their vehicle’s maintenance in the process.

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